by Rich Akullian – President & Creative Director

Dr. Brendan Cooney and his team run a first class orthodontics practice that has embraced the smiles of the Capital Region for over 50 years.  So when they asked Akullian Creative & Deevoted to help them bring their brand forward we felt privileged to take on the challenge.

To enhance their brand we focused on the updating the following pieces of the puzzle:


Everything starts with the logo…and when trying to hone in on the ideal logo that will represent your organization you truly only “know it when you see it.”

We learned this lesson ourselves while building our own branding. 

After exploring a wide array of brand new options we ended up enhancing their original icon and cleaning up and simplifying the copy.


Image result for cooney orthodontics


Exploratory Options:






With the updated logo we were able to keep continuity from their original brand while ensuring that “Orthodontics” and “Cooney” were prominent.



After we established the new logo we moved on to the primary communication tool for nearly every business in the digital age… Their website.  Their original website had been loaded with great content but had been stuck with a service provider who made updates difficult and so it needed to be modernized and restructured.

Akullian Creative & Deevoted focus on building persona based content paths when we develop a website.  We spend a great deal of time talking with our clients about the people who use their services and make sure that we give each persona the ability to find content and services relevant to them.  We also ensure that the content can be consumed in a user friendly way regardless of the device that it’s viewed on.

Original site:


New Site: www.CooneyOrthodontics.com



Photography & Videography: 

After developing the new bones (wireframes) and designs for the new site we have to fill it with great content, pictures, and videos.  One thing we truly despise is stock photography…Stock images are used on so many websites and they almost always make content feel non-genuine. With that in mind, we develop a shoot plan with our clients that is focused on filling the site with visuals to help illustrate their story.

Some of our favorite photos include:

cta-adults-test-linda-2 cta-homepage-teen-caroline square-for-childrens-page-family-591x544 testimonial-squares-heidi-with-team testimonial-squares-young-boy

Patient Experience Video:




Once the digital side of the re-brand is “complete” it’s time to start focusing on other elements such as stationary and business cards so that you consistently demonstrate a cohesive message in the marketplace.

envelope-cooney  cooney-business-card-for-blog


We truly loved working with Dr. Cooney and his team on this re-brand.  They give their patients 100% at all times and had a wonderful story to tell and we felt so fortunate to be given the opportunity to help them tell it.

To learn more about Cooney Orthodontics visit their new digital home: www.CooneyOrthodontics.com 

If you want to update your digital presence and need assistance reach out to us at creative@akullian.com!

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