by Rich Akullian – President & Creative Director

Attracting quality people to your organization is paramount when it comes to your success, and the top candidates are always going to do their research when evaluating their career opportunities. At Akullian Creative we help HR teams reach their talent acquisition goals by creating unique content that resonates with their top recruits. While every piece of content we build is designed to highlight each of our clients unique differentiators, we’ve found that there are tried and true formulas to the types of content which will drive talent acquisition.



1) The Why: This is a type of content is a perfect introduction to anyone looking to get the feel for your organization. This fast paced tour through the wide ranging values and culture of your company would serve to answer the question… “Why would a quality person want to commit their talents to your organization?” (See Example:

2) “My Story”:
Top people want to hear from other top people why they made a major decision. This type of content focuses on individual success stories and highlights growth opportunities that a hard working and committed person will find at your organization. (See Example:

3) “Day in the Life”: For organizations that are consistently hiring specific roles like sales or engineers, it’s a smart decision to make “Day in the Life” videos.  These further highlight the culture and work environment that a person in a certain role is going to get to be a part of if they join your company. (See Example:

4) The “Offer Letter”: To “Seal the Deal” with top talent you need to really stand out.  A person is about to commit the majority of their time to your companies mission and so you want to make sure they know in their heart that you’re committed to your people. At Akullian Creative we’ve developed an “Offer Letter” video style that’ll make sure your top candidates want to sign on the dotted line and join your company when you’re ready to extend them an offer. (To see an example contact us!)

If you’re looking to attract top talent to your organization and want help creating the right content, contact us today!

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