by Rich Akullian – President & Creative Director

Engaging video content has become a major part of nearly every marketing department’s strategic plan.  At Akullian Creative we focus on helping our clients find the best possible format to fit their individual goals and tell their story.  While each case and video type is unique there are a few consistent principles we suggest for each video we help produce.  First and foremost we always try to lead off any project with the value to the end-user/viewer rather than discussing our client’s story directly.  Secondly we try to accomplish our goals as quickly and efficiently as possible so that we can tell our story before we lose our clients attention.

Below are 5 types of videos that we regularly create to help our clients drive awareness, conversions & revenue.

Type #1: Case-Study Testimonial

Description:  A “classic” among content creators, the case-study is a staple of many marketing programs.  These types of projects are all about finding the right people & stories to feature.  Typically we like to utilize a mix of people with similar stories so that we can execute a fast paced editing style with short and concise sound-bytes to keep the user’s attention.  The key to this format is preparation of the interview questions and working with the subjects before they get in front of the camera.  Equally as important is ensuring that the video is placed in a container that is conducive to easily allowing the user clear next steps.

Best Use Case:  Websites/Landing Pages, Email Campaigns, Social Platforms

Example:  Where Smiles Grow – Capital District Pediatric Dentistry 

Type #2: Animated Explainer Video

Description:  A new favorite among content creators, this type of video tries to explain complicated solutions & topics utilizing analogies and animation.  Often times these are utilized by software companies who are hoping to give a high level overview of their product without diving deep into their user interface.  These are often used as a way to open the door to get users to be more interested to learn more.

Key indicators for a well produced explainer video are:  a) Did the user watch the whole thing? b) Does the user have a general sense of what the product/service does? c)  Does the user have a general sense of who the product/service is for?   If those questions can be answered after 60-90 seconds then the explainer video was a success.

Best Use Case: Websites/Landing Pages, Email Campaigns, Social Platforms

Example:  West Monroe Partners – ConnectTheGrid Software Solution

Type #3: Event Promotional Video

Description:  The best way to get someone excited about coming to your event is by showing them what they’d be missing by not coming.  Unless your event is a first annual, it is very likely that you will have pictures and/or videos from previous years as well as people who are willing to speak about their past experiences.  When developing content for an event video you should stay focused on the 5 W’s that everyone learns in English 101… Who, what, when, where, and why?  Any person who watches your event video should easily know who will be there, what will be going on, when & where your event is and most importantly why they should go.

Best Use Case: Social Channels, Event Specific Landing Pages

Example:  Autotask Community Live – Save the date


Type #4: Commercials

Description:  Depending on your product or offering there are a wide variety of ways to think about content for your commercials.  Commercials are unique in that your viewer is only watching your content because their desired content is taking a break and you have very specific time requirements.  With that in mind, commercial content needs to be hyper-focused on capturing attention & telling a story even quicker than normal.  The best commercials are aware of the content they are interrupting and fit in well with that programming.

Best Use Case: TV, YouTube Ads

Example:  Where Smiles Grow – Dental Questions with Clyde – PBS

Type #5: The “Mission Statement”

Description:  Mission statements can be told in a variety of ways depending on your specific vertical.  At Akullian Creative we love to tell people’s stories and so we decided to utilize a short concise script overlaid with examples from past projects right on our homepage.  This made sense for us because creative video production is a very large part of “what we do.”  However, we typically suggest that clients utilize “Mission Statement” videos on their history or “about us” pages.  Mission statement videos should clearly demonstrate your core value to the user as well as why you are passionate about what you do for them.

Best Use Case: Homepage, About Us Page, Social Channels

Example:  Akullian Creative – Our Mission

While there are certainly many more types/formats of video, these are some of our favorites at Akullian Creative.

Email us at Creative@Akullian.com or click here to tell us about your video goals!

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